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Is it possible to live a Life without struggle?

YES! Absolutely... When you KNOW Your Soul's Purpose
life just seems to work better.

When you LIVE Your Soul's Purpose
you have more
joy, peace, and fulfillment in your life.

  • Do you know there is a greater purpose to your life?
  • Do you want to know more about who you are as a spiritual being?
  • Do you long to make those important changes, if only you knew how?
  • Do you want answers and solutions to the recurring issues you face in life?

Many of us long to know why we are truly here. At the same time, we know that issues such as financial difficulties, troubled relationships, and poor emotional or physical health don't have to be part of the picture. We know we deserve more, that everything is available to us... if only we knew what was standing in our way!

My Special Report, 3 Steps to a Better Life Right Now can shed some light on three very common things that could be standing in your way of creating a life of joy, peace, and fullfillment - and you don't even realize it!

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You may feel like you're doing all the "right" things....

But is your life filled with joy and abundance?

Your Soul Journey Coaching uses an intuitive modality that offers spiritual solutions to many of the persistent issues that trouble us. We know that we deserve financial abundance, loving relationships, a fulfilling career, and excellent health and well-being. And yet, it can feel as if we are banging our heads against the same invisible walls over and over again, while the life we truly desire continues to elude us.

Why are we struggling?

From time to time, negative influences affect us at Soul-level. Your Soul Journey Coaching offers an effective way to uncover and resolve these negative influences. Major issues that have affected us for much of our lives can often be cleared in a single session.

As part of Your Soul Journey Coaching process, we take a detailed look at your Soul's history. You will discover your Soul's origins, gifts, purpose, and challenges. You will learn what negative influences have impacted your life, and how to resolve these to create incredible changes in your life.

And that's where the real magic begins.

You see, once you clear the negative influences and begin to grasp the bigger picture of who you really are, you're more empowered and enabled to leave the struggling behind and finally make those changes you've been wanting to make - so you can have more joy, peace, and fulfillment.

When you embrace your Soul and begin living from the truth of who you really are...

  • You let go of fear
  • You eliminate worry
  • You become stress-free
  • You have higher self-esteem
  • You have a greater sense of fulfillment
  • You enjoy more satisfying relationships
  • You are more successful
  • You gain confidence
  • You are healthier
  • You are happier

Are you ready to move beyond the struggle?

If so, then I invite you to click here and let's schedule a FREE Strategy Session.

In this session we'll create a clear vision of your "ultimate success", uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success, and give you renewed energy and inspiration to finally make those changes you've been wanting - once and for all! (Learn more about it here.)

Becky Waters, Intuitive ConsultantBecky Waters, Intuitive Consultant

I don't believe in chance encounters. So, if you're here reading this, it means you are ready to make a change. You're ready to do whatever it takes to get into alignment with your True Self - who you are at Soul Level. And that's very exciting!

As an Intuitive Consultant and Spiritual Life Coach, I draw from nearly 30 years experience as a composer/musician opening a direct channel to Spirit, many years of wisdom gained from life experience and working through my own "stuff", years of teaching, plus life coaching skills and healing modalities learned from a variety of sources that I've finely tuned to help Spiritual Seekers like you to live your Soul's purpose without struggle.

Make 2010 YOUR year to Shine!

Schedule a free Strategy Session
and get started on your path to success today!

"It's never too late to be who you might have been."

- George Eliot

Your Soul is the Inner Essence of Who You Really Are - Your Divine Self.

spiritual life coaching

You feel its creative pulse
when you search for fulfillment, purpose, meaning, health, happiness...

You feel the rhythm
of its stirrings when you long to feel loved, valued, and appreciated...

When you're connected to it
You're able to find meaning in all of your life experiences - even the challenging difficult ones.


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Client Testimonials

"The soul realignment reading that Becky performed for me was insightful and accurate. It realized feelings that I have had and clarified questions I could not have accurately identified without the visions she offered. I would recomment this reading for anyone seeking a deeper understanding toward self-realization."

- Bridget

"Thank you so much for the Soul Music Reading and Soul Song. I don't think I've stopped crying for the last hour while I listened to your message and then the music. You are so amazing, I can't even tell you! You've hit on such very deep chords (no pun intended) with me, and were able to pick up on elements of my essence and problems in my life that I know I didn't tell you.... Thanks again, and you are indeed blessed with an incredible talent and gift, and I'm so glad you're using it to help people like me."

- D. K.


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