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Hi! I'm so glad you stopped by. The following is a bit about me to give you a feel for where I'm coming from and see if there is a connect between us. If you'd like to skip the "story" stuff and just see some of the training I've had, click here.

In highschool, the "curse of death" to me was being labeled: "ordinary."

Little did I know that the life ahead of me would be everything but "ordinary!" As an....

  • INTJ/INFP with the last 2 being about 50/50 - one or the other will take the lead depending on what's going on in my life at the time
  • Eneagram 4 who craves Uniqueness and has paid my dues to get out of the "victim" drama-queen shadow aspect
  • Scorpio Rising which is all about learning to fully experience feelings and then gain mastery over them... "I will that my will be thy will" (The Shamanic Astrology Handbook)
  • Musician for which having a creative outlet is as important to me as breathing
  • Female with a natural bend toward "emotionalism"

.... "ordinary" just wasn't anywhere near my calling this time around!

My life has taken many directions and turns, bringing me the wide range of experiences and a full range of emotions from fear of loosing my life to moments of spiritual ecstasy. I have definitely marched to the beat of a different drummer! :)

However, I am very grateful for the many experiences I've had throughout my life. There is nearly always some kind of similar experience I've had that relates to my clients - either in the physical realm or the emotional realm.

I have a strong passion to serve and believe that being here on planet Earth at this time in history with all the changes and major transitions that are going on... I - like YOU - are here for a very specific purpose... and the majority of that purpose centers around doing what we can - using our unique gifts and talents - to assist humanity in making this transition easily and in Peace.

When I was growing up, every once in awhile my Dad would come in to my room where I was practicing the piano and bring his guitar and his harmonica. We'd play through our favorite hymns and he'd sing. Every time, the jam session would end with him talking about Revelations and the "2nd Coming" and the Apocolypse and all the war and struggle and mayhem that was predicted to happen.

And everytime, I had this absolute knowing in every fiber of my being, as if every cell in my body was screaming out: "NO! It doesn't have to be that way!"

Now... from all my studies and trainings.... and with the advent of 2012.... now is the time to put that "knowing" into action...... It's time for me to "come out of the closet" so to speak....

The truth is.... we are co-creators with God, the Universe, the Life-Force Energy that is in and around us.

Everything is Vibration... Energy..... waves that vibrate to a frequency that our ears pick up as Sound. So in essence, everything is Sound - whether we hear it with our limited 16-16,000 Hz range of hearing or not. (Think of a dog whistle. We can't hear it, yet your dog will come running back to you if you blow it.)

Everything is energy - moving, vibrating, interacting with other energies and vibrations... Including our thoughts and feelings.

And, unfortunately, it's our THOUGHTS that trip us up the most.

Like Lao Tzu said way back in 6th century BCE in Tao Te Ching,

If you want peace in the world, there must first be peace in your heart.

Or like Gandi said,

If you want to see your world change, BE the change.

If you want your life to improve.... improve the quality of your thoughts.

What you give your attention to, what you focus on.... what you talk about and think about constantly... that is the energy vibration you are putting out. And the law of attraction, stated in the Bible as "as ye sow, so shall ye reap," working continuously, then returns to us our "prayers."

What you think about consistently... that is the subject of your meditation.

- Catherine Ponder, The Divine Law of Prosperity

I am here to serve. I am here to assist people in raising the quality of their life by raising the quality of their thoughts... thereby raising their "vibration."

To do this, you have to have all of you going in the same direction.

Your thoughts match what you say... what you say and think match what you do.

The first step is being aware.

Does any of this resonate with you?

If so, I invite you to join me on the Soul Journey and tune in to your Soul Essence. Check out the list of available consultations.

Or if you're ready to get started right now, click here and let's schedule a FREE "Rapid Change" strategy session. In this session we'll create a clear vision of your "ultimate success", uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success, and give you renewed energy and inspiration to finally make those changes you've been wanting - once and for all! (Learn more about it here.)

Blessings to you on your Journey!

Here are a few of the trainings and studies Becky has done: (in no particular order)

  • Certified Soul RealignmentTM Practitioner
  • Certified Medium and Spiritual Counselor
  • Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics (in progress)
  • Masters Degree, Music Composition
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Licensed/Certified New Life Story Coach (the art and science of change) - Inner Wellness
  • Certified Hypnotist
  • Stop Smoking Certification
  • Hypnotheraphy training and certification in progress
  • Professional Rebirther/Breathworker, ARTI Trained
  • Reiki II Practitioner
  • Certified Energy Vitality Practitioner (vibrational healing with tuning forks)
  • BioSonic Repatterning, "Music and Sound in the Healing Arts" (certification in progress)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Training
  • Radical Forgiveness Training
  • Parent-as-Coach Training
  • Shamanic Priestess Process
  • Ordained Minister, Universtiy of Metaphysics, Church of Wisdom, Madonna Ministry and Universal Brotherhood (4 times the charm??)


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Client Testimonials

" I just want to write you a quick note of thanks. I was listening to the recording of the reading you gave to me and was so moved again by your kindness and insight. Thank you for your friendship it is a treasure. Have a great and marvelous one and keep on doing your good works - they are wonderful!"

- Dixie

"I like your gentleness... you are a compassionate and caring person.... I always learn something from you during our sessions."

 - Joan

Joy, peace, fulfillment, and personal power are a natural by-product when your thoughts, words, and actions are in complete harmony with each other.

It is through our life experiences and “aha” moments that we grow - and that involves feeling and BEing, not so much Doing. It is in the feeling and the being that we have the opportunity to create a life of true fulfillment for ourselves. It is the key to the creative power that is available within each of us - the key that, as spiritual beings having a human experience, leads to a life filled with inner peace and joy.


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