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Support for the Journey - Coaching and Consulting Services

There are no chance encounters. If you're reading this, it means you are ready to make a change. You're ready to realign with Who You Really Are and stop the struggle. Congratulations!

Check out the consultations below. If you have any questions, please send me an email.

Also.... The Soul Music Reading and Soul Song are on sale this month. So NOW is a great time to get this very unique, personalized Consultation.

Soul Journey Coaching

This Spiritual Coaching program is the foundation of my work with clients. It is designed to give you the full support you need to help you clear any blocks and restrictions sabotaging your success and get you moving forward taking steps to achieve the success you long for. Several of the consultations listed on this page, as well as individual customized services listed on my products page are included in this program, giving you maximum support in your Journey. Please schedule a free Success Strategy Session to begin your Journey or to learn more.

Soul Music Reading

As an intuitive composer/musician, I channel the energies of your Soul, spiritual guides and teachers to create your own unique, one-of-a-kind Soul Song. Your Soul Song can be used for future meditations and automatic writing, as well as a tool for grounding and centering. The channeling process takes three-fours hours or more.

The entire consultation includes a 20-30 minute preliminary phone consultation, a 15-20 minute recorded reading where I interpret for you the messages that have been channeled, and of course, your Soul Song. An optional 20-30 minute follow up phone session is also included.

(Clients enrolled in the Soul Journey Coaching Program may purchase this Reading at a significant discount.)

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Soul Music Reading

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Soul RealignmentTM Consultation

If you've tried positive affirmations, tried changing your negative thoughts, tried all the "tricks" in the self-help books and still can't seem to make any head way, then this session is for you! There's a reason.... most likely, there are several reasons, and this session can bring them to light as well as Clear Them For Good!

In this comprehensive consultation, you'll learn details about your Soul's origins and history, and what special gifts and purpose you bring into this lifetime. We'll also uncover and clear any negative influences form past and present lifetimes that may currently be affecting you. In addition, I strongly encourage clients to participate in their own Soul RealignmentTM work through the optional "homework" I will email you after our session. This consultation is included in the Soul Journey Coaching Program. If purchased separately, the consultation is approximately 60-75 minutes in length. (read more about it here)

Soul Profile Consultation

Property Consultation

Is your home your sacred space? Many places hold the negative vibrations of the past, or contain open doorways to negative influences. If you struggle to get organized, feel uncomfortable in your home, or have an older home, this reading can drastically shift the space you live in into a peaceful sanctuary. This consultation also serves to protect your property from further negative influences. This consultation is included in the Soul Journey Coaching Program. If purchased separately, this is a 30-minute consultation.

Property Consultation

Vibrational Healing Session -in person

Vibrational healing sessions with Solfeggio tuning forks help to unclog the energy blocks, as well as free up the stored, unused energy to release it and make it available for use to use. When energy flows freely, new choices in our lives are awakened and we have new-found energy from within to make the changes we want and/or need to make. Sessions are 45 minutes or 70 minutes. For more information click here. Remote sessions now available!

Vibrational Healing Session -Remote

Enjoy the same relaxing "energetic massage" from the comforts of your home. Remote sessions are held over the phone / through Skype. Sessions are 60-75 minutes. Email for more information or to schedule your session.


Divinely Guided Life Coaching

This specialty, intensive one-on-one coaching program is designed to help you develop your own intuitive skills and learn to connect with your Spirit Guides. It's a perfect follow-up to reading and realignment work, though not a prerequisite. Here's what you will receive from this program:

  • highly individualized instruction for your intuitive development
  • ongoing support in aligning with your Soul's highest path and purpose
  • the ability to connect directly with your Spirit Guides
  • a high level of confidence in receiving and acting on intuitive guidance
  • six 30-minute coaching sessions and weekly homework

Divinely Guided Life Coaching

Breathwork Coaching

Breathwork Coaching Sessions have moved to my new website, www.Center for Inner Please click here for more information.

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August 21

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Client Testimonials

"Becky. I don't think I've stopped crying for the last hour while I listened to your message and then the music. You've hit on such very deep chords (no pun intended) with me and were able to pick up on elements of my essence and problems in my life that I know I didn't tell you....."

"So many of your insights were right... I find the music really resonates deep within me when I listen. It's very moving."

"There is a lot of feeling and sensitivity reflected in the music - I didn't expect that. It's beautiful and very calming. I believe you have an incredible talent, and that it is very, very real." - P.S.

"I am so glad I had the Soul Realignment done. It was wonderful to discover that my soul's purpose is to love and take care of myself first, so that I can have even more to give others. I can't express how great it is to have permission to take extra special care of myself and to not have any feelings of guilt for having done so. It is liberating to be able to deflect negative people and energies, now that I know that I do not have to help everyone, especially people who are spiritually and emotionally draining to me. I have this feeling of freedom like I can do anything now. Thanks, Becky."


"Wow. Where do I start? Thanks for the wonderful gift [Soul Music Reading].... I could literally feel a part of my heart soften while I listened to the music and much of what you said in the Reading was right on target.... I really love my soul's music and am excited to see where it takes me. You have a wonderful talent, and I am grateful that you choose to
use it to help others like me."

- Wanda

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