October 8, 2009
Vol. 1, Issue 10

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"Give any material concerns to Spirit, as Heaven is giving you a new windfall of abundance. Be alert to noticing and receiving the bountiful gifts and blessings coming your way."

- Doreen Virtue, Angel Numbers, #86
(I started this newsletter yesterday
when there were 86 days)















Bird Message

























Girl with 2 fingers

The Energy of 2

polarity and balance,
choice and receptivity,
unconscious, moon, feelings,
reflection, intuition,
guidance by inner knowing, creativity, passion,
peace, calm
ability to handle complexity

- variety of Tarot Resources






Soul Music Success Story

"Wow. Where do I start? Thanks for the wonderful gift.... I could literally feel a part of my heart soften while I listened to the music and much of what you said in the Reading was right on target.... I really love my soul's music and am excited to see where it takes me. You have a wonderful talent, and I am grateful that you choose to use it to help others like me."

Listen to a sample...

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"It's never too late to be who you might have been."

- George Eliot


There are 85 days left in 2009 - that's 2 months and 24 days.

  • Have you accomplished everything you wanted to this year?
  • Have you made the changes you promised yourself you would in January?
  • Have you moved forward in those areas of your life where you were stuck?
  • Have you let go of those things you'd been tolerating or holding on to that no longer serve you?
  • Have you grown personally or spiritually this year?
  • Have you expanded your awareness about who you are and why you're here?

If you haven't, there's still time. As Mr Eliot says, "It's never too late....!"

For me, I have not achieved everything I'd hoped for 2009 - YET! :) However, I have moved forward in many areas, expanded my awareness of myself and my purpose here, and have gained new knowledge and experiences which has enabled me to further develop my intuitive abilities. Plus, I've gained a lot of clarity over the course of this year and I'm excited about the direction my life is headed.

How about you? Come New Years' Eve, what do you want to be celebrating about YOU?

You've got 85 days left to Do, Be, and Have your desires and goals for 2009. Will you step up to the plate and go for it?

I am here to support you in this challenge! Send me an email and lets schedule a free 20-minute consultation to discuss where you want to be by Jan 1, 2010. Or if you're ready to jump in and get started, sign up for one of my coaching programs or consultations.

"It's only what you believe will happen and therefore do next that
will release God's power for you and bring about a life change."

- The Prayer of Jabez, Bruce Wilkinson

Enjoy the rest of the issue!

~ Namaste, Becky


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A Morning Bird Message

I love these cool fall mornings when the sun is shining, watching the sun come up through the trees in ourback yard as I have my morning tea. To me, there's a sense of cleansing and renewal about it and a magical feeling of excitement. I even caught myself singing the Rogers and Hammerstein classic on my way to the shower, "Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day; I've got a beautiful feeling everything's going mAutumn Morningy way."

On mornings like this, I sometimes leave the back door in the kitchen open so DC, my cat, can sit half in - half out - in safety but still sniffing the air..... while I have breakfast. This morning I decided to let the door stay open for awhile as I made my way to my office in the back bedroom of our house to begin my work day. After a bit, I noticed that DC was back in his usual morning place in the master bedroom. So I said to him, "Guess I'll go close the door so no critters get in."

As I turned the corner to go into the kitchen, I caught a glimpse of something moving by the kitchen window. I screamed and a bird zipped out of the curtains and flew out the open back door.

I closed the door and as I stood there a few moments trying to ascertain the potential meaning of a bird being in my house, I heard a commotion in the living room. It was another bird frantically trying to get out the front glass door that was NOT open. I went to open that door and the bird flew into the kitchen. So I opened the back door again and the bird flew out.

Hm, I thought.... I did ask for inspiration on what to write for this month's article while I was in the shower.... And just yesterday, I was having a conversation with a client about birds and their meaning - she'd had a bird fly into her house after coming home from her father-in-law's funeral.

So... I looked up bird meanings on the internet. I don't know what kind of bird it was except 'round' and 'brown,' so I had to go with general meanings.

Bird meanings:

  • Free of worry, carefree, light-hearted
  • Represent prophetic knowledge
  • The soul, transcendence, spirits of air, ascent
  • Communication, sight
  • Unity, Freedom, Community

All this was interesting.... but what did it mean for me? And most important, what in all this would have meaning for my readers?

Pondering this, I realized this was just like anything else.... You can research and get other people's opinions about things... but ultimately you have to go within and listen to your own guidance. So I did.

What is the meaning of the two birds coming into my house this morning?

Rely on your Spirit - on your intuition. Free yourself from mental worries and concerns. Let your intuition and your connection to source, All-That-Is, guide you. Trust in Spirit - the life force within you - to bring to you all the good things you desire.

Sing the song you were singing in the shower - let that be your theme song - "Oh what a beautiful morning.... I've got a beautiful feeling everything is going my way."

Trust in the power of the universe. Trust in your Higher Power as a Spiritual Being. You ARE a powerful spiritual being. ACT AS IF THIS IS TRUE. It's not just wishful thinking. It goes beyond positive thinking.

You must BE it - embody it - LIVE it - breathe it - do everything as if it is true and it shall be so.

"Have faith and courage. Your prayers are manifesting,
even if they aren't visible yet."

- Doreen Virtue/Angel Numbers # 2

So in closing, I pass this Bird Message on to you.... YOU are a powerful Spiritual Being as well. Trust in Spirit - the life force within you - to bring to you all the good things you desire!

~ Namaste

© 2009 Becky Waters

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Our Soul - our Higher Self - and our Spirit Guides send messages to us in many different ways... even through a song that pops into your head.

A client recently told me the story of how she had a song about "Good Ol' Charlie" keep playing in her head (I can't remember the exact title) and then the next day she got a call from an old friend she hadn't heard from in years.... and yes, his name was Charlie!

The Rogers and Hamerstein song that popped into my head this morning is another example.

Next time you notice a song start playing in your head, take note. What are the words saying? Notice the feeling or emotion that comes along with it. Does it relate to anything that's going on in your life right now? Or to any wishes or desires you've been percolating on?

Use your imagination.... If this were a direct message from Spirit to You, what might the message be?

About Becky Waters

Becky Waters, Soul RealignmentTM Practitioner, Intuitive Consultant and Spiritual Life Coach, draws from nearly 30 years experience as a composer/musician opening a direct channel to Spirit, many years of wisdom gained from life experience and working through her own "stuff", years of teaching, plus life coaching skills and healing modalities learned from a variety of sources that she has finely tuned to help Spiritual Seekers live their Soul's purpose without struggle. If you've been doing "all the right things" and you're still not creating the life you want, Soul RealignmentTM may be the solution you are seeking. Find out more at www.YourSoulJourneyCoaching.com

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